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What's new in the v0.9 series release

Release Date: Fri Jan 13 2023

Databend v0.9.0 was officially released on January 13, 2023! Compared to v0.8.0, we have made more than 5,000 commits, 700+ optimizations and fixes, 4,347 file changes, and 340,000 lines of code changes in v0.9.0. Thanks to all the community partners who participated and to everyone who made Databend better!

Full Changelog:

Key Features ✨

  • Brand new type system
  • Implement the Rust version of JSONB
  • Full support for JOINs
  • Support for cost-based optimizer
  • Native Storage Format with strawboat
  • Efficient bloom filter filtering
  • Designing and open-sourcing serverless DataSharing protocol
  • Stage

Important Improvements 🎉

  • read_parquet supports reading local parquet files directly without importing
  • Commonly used function performance optimization, commonly used GEO function support
  • Distinct performance optimization
  • Adaptive String HashTable
  • SQLancer integration
  • Parquet reading acceleration
  • The previous python version sqllogictest was rewritten to use Rust
  • NDJSON and JSON output format support
  • ALTER TABLE supports recluster
  • Support hyperloglog update and delete:

New Contributors

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