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What's new in the v0.7 series release

v0.7 - March 28, 2022

New Features

  • [Query] Add DateTime64 data type (#3338)
  • [Query] Add Semi-Structured variant data type (#4348)
  • [Query] Add group by nullable column (#4079)
  • [Query] Add filter push-down for read datasource (#3512)
  • [Query] Add function monotonicity check (#3008)
  • [Query] Add support for Java/Python/Golang client and JDBC driver
  • [Query] Add support for github external datasource (#2975)
  • [Query] Add support for CREATE TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] [db.]table LIKE [db.]origin_table AS SELECT query (#2457)
  • [Query] Add support for Copy INTO <table> from external location (#3586 #4373)
  • [Query] Add support for COPY INTO <table> FROM internal/external stage (#4437)
  • [Query] Add support for ALTER TABLE [ IF EXISTS ] <name> RENAME TO <new_table_name> (#4532)
  • [Query] Add support for [NOT] IN (a, b, c, ...) InList (#3805)
  • [Query] Add user defined functions (#3440)
  • [Query] Add system.query_log for multi-tenant query statistics(#2978)
  • [Query] Add CALL procedure for administer operation (#4267)
  • [Query] Add support for CSV/Parquet/Json file streaming load (#4496 #4561)
  • [Query] Add embed markdown dos into system.functions (#4552)
  • [Query] Add support for config file format json, yaml, toml (#4517)
  • [Query] Add support for column specify an expression as default value (#3229)
  • [User] Add support for basic RBAC privileges (#2793)
  • [Storage] Add database_id/table_id to data file prefix (#4242)
  • [Storage] Add version to storage layout for upgrade (#4243)
  • [Meta] Add support for multi tenant (#3759)
  • [Meta] Replace arrow flight service with gRPC (#3605)


  • [Query] Change Pull-Based to New Pull&Push-Based processor
  • [Query] Improve parallel write performance
  • [Doc] Better documentation


curl -LJO
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