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Databend Release Channels

Databend release process following the release train model used by e.g. Rust, Firefox and Chrome, as well as feature staging.


In the early stage Databend will upgrade the nightly version number only, and when a nightly version is ready for beta, we will leave a beta version getting off of the nightly version.

Ok, Let's start by understanding how Databend do the releases. The following is mainly from the Rust documentation How Rust is Made and “Nightly Rust”.

There are three release channels for Databend(this is same as Rust):

  • Nightly
  • Beta
  • Stable

So as time passes, our releases look like this, once a night:

nightly: * - - * - - *

Every six weeks, it's time to prepare a new release! The beta branch of the Databend repository branches off from the main branch used by nightly. Now, there are two releases:

nightly: * - - * - - *
beta: *

Six weeks after the first beta was created, it's time for a stable release! The stable branch is produced from the beta branch:

nightly: * - - * - - * - - * - - * - - * - * - *
beta: * - - - - - - - - *
stable: *

This is called the train model because every six weeks, a release leaves the station, but still has to take a journey through the beta channel before it arrives as a stable release.

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