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What's new in the v1.0 series release

Databend v1.0 was officially released on March 5, 2023! Thanks to all the community partners who participated and to everyone who made Databend better!

To read more about this release, please refer to our detailed blog post. You can also find the full changelog of this release on GitHub.

Accepted RFCs 🛫

  • rfc: query result cache. by @RinChanNOWWW

Exciting New Features ✨

  • feat(parser): parse decimal type by @andylokandy
  • feat(expr): add Decimal128 and Decimal256 type by @andylokandy
  • feat(storage): native storage format support nested data types by @b41sh
  • feat: add internal_merge_on_read_mutation config option by @dantengsky
  • feat: Iceberg/create-catalog by @ClSlaid
  • feat(result cache): better the setting name and the desc by @BohuTANG
  • feat: Add support for copying from webhdfs by @ClSlaid
  • feat(website): update website index styles by @Carlosfengv
  • feat(query): use decimal to store u128 u256 keys and support group by decimal by @sundy-li
  • feat(planner): Introduce bitmap to record applied rules by @dusx1981
  • feat(query): support aggregate spill to object storage by @zhang2014
  • feat: Adopt OpenDAL's native write retry support by @Xuanwo
  • feat: backend webhdfs by @ClSlaid
  • feat(query): Support Map data type create table and insert values by @b41sh
  • feat(query): support decimal256 select insert by @TCeason

Thoughtful Bug Fix 🔧

  • fix(planner): Fix stack overflow when applying RuleFilterPushDownJoin by @leiysky
  • fix(storage): bloom filter is using wrong cache key by @sundy-li
  • fix: Fix table_meta_cache can't be disabled by @Xuanwo
  • fix(storage): new bloom filter that bind index with Column Id instead of column name by @zhyass
  • fix: ignore dropped column statistics by column id when reducing block statistics by @lichuang
  • fix(storage): wrong column statistics when contain tuple type by @zhyass
  • fix(cluster): fix limit query hang in cluster mode by @zhang2014
  • fix(meta): when starting up, it should not try to register until leader node to be sync-ed to local store by @drmingdrmer
  • fix: don't push down filter that contains derived column by @xudong963
  • fix: UnaryOp +/- should have high Precedence in PrattParser. by @youngsofun

Code Refactor 🎉

  • refactor(planner): remove PhysicalScalar by @andylokandy
  • refactor(meta): move kvapi to a standalone crate by @drmingdrmer
  • refactor(meta/kvapi): expose a single "kvapi" as public interface by @drmingdrmer
  • refactor(kvapi): remove dep common-base and common-exception; refine method names by @drmingdrmer
  • refactor: fix abuse of ErrorCode by @drmingdrmer
  • refactor: refactor is_nested column node by @lichuang
  • refactor: remove dependency of common-exception from common-meta-types by @drmingdrmer
  • refactor(executor): add check processor graph completed by @zhang2014
  • refactor(meta): upgrade openraft to 0.7.4 by @drmingdrmer
  • refactor(query): refactor aggregator by @zhang2014

New Contributors 👋

  • @johnhaxx7 made their first contribution
  • @Big-Wuu made their first contribution
  • @cameronbraid made their first contribution
  • @suyanhanx made their first contribution
  • @xinlifoobar made their first contribution
  • @Carlosfengv made their first contribution
  • @wangjili8417 made their first contribution
  • @dusx1981 made their first contribution

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