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Enterprise Features

This page provides an updated list of available enterprise features. To access these features, you will need an enterprise or trial license. For more details, see Licensing Databend.

Enterprise Feature List

Vacuum Temp FilesStorage- Free up storage by removing temporary files, notably join, aggregate, and sort spill files.
- Set retention and file limits as needed.
Vacuum Dropped TableStorageOptimizes storage by deleting data files of dropped tables. Offers a recovery option and a dry-run preview.
Vacuum Historical DataStorageDeep clean your storage space:
- Remove orphan segment and block files.
- Safely preview the removal of data files using the dry-run option.
Virtual ColumnQueryEnhance efficiency in querying Variant data:
- Virtual columns streamline queries, eliminating the need to traverse the entire nested structure. Direct data retrieval accelerates query execution.
- Virtual columns significantly cut memory usage in Variant data, reducing the risk of memory overflows.
Aggregating IndexQueryElevate your query speed with aggregating indexes:
- Supercharge queries through precomputed and indexed aggregations.
- Customize the index to meet your unique data analysis requirements.
Computed ColumnQueryComputed columns save you time and effort by enabling derivation of new columns from existing ones:
- Automatic updates ensure accurate and consistent data.
- Advanced analysis and calculations can now be performed within the database.
- Two types of computed columns: stored and virtual. Virtual columns save you space as they are calculated on-the-fly when queried.
Python UDFQueryA Python UDF allows you to invoke Python code from a SQL query via Databend's built-in handler, enabling seamless integration of Python logic within your SQL queries.
ATTACH TABLEQueryAttach Table enables you to seamlessly connect a table in the cloud service platform to an existing table deployed in a private deployment environment without the need to physically move the data.
StreamData StreamingEfficient data change management with stream:
- Append-only mode supported: Instantly capture data insertions in real-time.
- Seamlessly leverage streams for direct querying and analysis, ensuring swift insights.
Masking PolicySecurityEnhance your data security with role-based masking feature:
- Safeguard sensitive information through customizable data masking.
- Preserve data usability while reinforcing security.
Storage EncryptionSecurityEnhance the security of your server-side data encryption, safeguarding your data from unauthorized access by the storage vendor:
- Choose encryption through service-managed keys, KMS managed keys, or customer-managed keys. Options may vary by storage type.
- Currently supported on Alibaba Cloud OSS.
See the deploy guide for encryption parameters for each storage vendor.

Databend Community vs. Enterprise

This section compares Databend Community with Databend Enterprise in the following modules:

Core Functionalities

FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Distributed Metadata Management
Distributed SQL Engine
Distributed Storage Engine
Distributed Scheduling Engine
Vectorized Engine
Distributed Transaction
Multi-version Data
Time Travel
Performance Optimizer
Multi-tenancy and Permission Management
Standard Data Types
Semi-structured Data Type (JSON)
Unstructured Data TypesParquet/CSV/TSV/JSON/ORCParquet/CSV/TSV/JSON/ORC
Advanced Compression
Vector Storage
Apache Hive Query
Apache Iceberg Query
Semi-structured Data Query
External User-defined Functions
Large Query Resource Isolation Protection (Spill)

Extended Functionalities

FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Cluster Mode
Materialized Views
AI Functions (Sentiment Analysis, Data Annotation, etc.)HuggingFace Open Source Models
Multi-tenant Data Sharing


FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Deployment Support: K8s, Baremetal, Installer
Backend Storage Support: S3, Azblob, GCS, OSS, COS, HDFS
x86_64 & ARM64 Architecture
Compatible with LoongArch, openEuler, etc.
Monitoring and Alerting APIs


FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Driver Support: Go, Java, Rust, JS, Python
Native REST APIs
Native Client BendSQL


FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Audit Functionality
Access Control RBAC
Password Strength and Expiry Policy
Whitelist Management
Storage Encryption
Data Dynamic Masking Policy

Data Import & Export

FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Data Processing during Import
Data Streaming
CDC Real-time Data Import
Data Export FormatsParquet/ORC/CSV/NDJSONParquet/ORC/CSV/NDJSON

Query Optimizations

FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Aggregation Query Acceleration Optimization
JSON Query Acceleration Optimization
Precomputation Capability

Storage Optimizations

FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
Cold/Hot Data Separation
Automatic Expiry Data Cleaning
Automatic Garbage Data Cleaning

Customer Support

FunctionalityDatabend CommunityDatabend Enterprise
24/7 Support & Emergency Response
Deployment and Upgrade
Operational Support
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