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Databend Cloud comes in three editions: Standard, Business, and Dedicated, that you can choose from to serve a wide range of needs and ensure optimal performance for different use cases.

For a quick overview of these editions, see For the pricing information, see Pricing & Billing. For the detailed feature list among these editions, see Feature Lists.

Feature Lists

The following are feature lists of Databend Cloud among editions:

Release Management

Early access to weekly new releases, which can be used for additional testing/validation before each release is deployed to your production accounts.NoYesYes

Security & Governance

SOC 1 Type I certification.YesYesYes
Automatic encryption of all data.YesYesYes
Object-level access control.YesYesYes
Standard Time Travel (up to 1 day) for accessing/restoring modified and deleted data.YesYesYes
Disaster recovery of modified/deleted data (for 7 days beyond Time Travel) through Fail-safe.YesYesYes
Extended Time Travel.No90 days90 days
Column-level Security to apply masking policies to columns in tables or views.YesYesYes
Audit the user access history through the Account Usage ACCESS_HISTORY view.YesYesYes
Support for private connectivity to the Databend Cloud service using AWS PrivateLink.NoYesYes
Dedicated metadata store and pool of compute resources (used in virtual warehouses).NoNoYes

Compute Resource

Virtual warehouses, separate compute clusters for isolating query and data loading workloads.YesYesYes
Resource monitors for monitoring virtual warehouse credit usage.YesYesYes

SQL Support

Standard SQL, including most DDL and DML defined in SQL:1999.YesYesYes
Advanced DML such as multi-table INSERT, MERGE, and multi-merge.YesYesYes
Broad support for standard data types.YesYesYes
Native support for semi-structured data (JSON, ORC, Parquet).YesYesYes
Native support for geospatial data.YesYesYes
Native support for unstructured data.YesYesYes
Collation rules for string/text data in table columns.YesYesYes
Multi-statement transactions.YesYesYes
User-defined functions (UDFs) with support for JavaScript, Python, and WebAssembly.YesYesYes
External functions for extending Databend Cloud to other development platforms.YesYesYes
Amazon API Gateway private endpoints for external functions.YesYesYes
External tables for referencing data in a cloud storage data lake.YesYesYes
Support for clustering data in very large tables to improve query performance, with automatic maintenance of clustering.YesYesYes
Search optimization for point lookup queries, with automatic maintenance.YesYesYes
Materialized views, with automatic maintenance of results.YesYesYes
Iceberg tables for referencing data in a cloud storage data lake.YesYesYes
Schema detection for automatically detecting the schema in a set of staged semi-structured data files and retrieving the column definitions.YesYesYes
Schema evolution for automatically evolving tables to support the structure of new data received from the data sources.YesYesYes
Support for creating table with external location.YesYesYes
Supports for ATTACH TABLE.YesYesYes

Interfaces & Tools

The next-generation SQL worksheet for advanced query development, data analysis, and visualization.YesYesYes
BendSQL, a command line client for building/testing queries, loading/unloading bulk data, and automating DDL operations.YesYesYes
Programmatic interfaces for Rust,Python, Java, Node.js,.js, PHP, and Go.YesYesYes
Native support for JDBC.YesYesYes
Extensive ecosystem for connecting to ETL, BI, and other third-party vendors and technologies.YesYesYes

Data Import & Export

Bulk loading from delimited flat files (CSV, TSV, etc.) and semi-structured data files (JSON, ORC, Parquet).YesYesYes
Bulk unloading to delimited flat files and JSON files.YesYesYes
continuous micro-batch loading.YesYesYes
Streaming for low-latency loading of streaming data.YesYesYes
Databend Cloud Connector for Kafka for loading data from Apache Kafka topics.YesYesYes

Data Pipelines

Streams for tracking table changes.YesYesYes
Tasks for scheduling the execution of SQL statements, often in conjunction with table streams.YesYesYes

Customer Support

Logging and tracking support tickets.YesYesYes
4/7 coverage and 1-hour response window for Severity 1 issues.YesYesYes
Response to non-severity-1 issues in hours.8h4h1h
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