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Deepnote allows you to easily work on your data science projects, together in real-time and in one place with your friends and colleagues; helping you turn your ideas and analyses into products faster.

Deepnote is built for the browser so you can use it across any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook). No downloads required, with updates shipped to you daily. All changes are instantly saved.

This topic describes how to connect to Deepnote.

Step 1. Obtain Connection Information

Obtain the connection information from Databend Cloud. For how to do that, refer to Connecting to a Warehouse.

Step 2. Creating a Connection in Deepnote

  1. Sign in to Deepnote with your account.

  2. Select Integrations in the left sidebar, then click ClickHouse on the page.

  1. Fill the fields with the connection information you obtained in Step 2.

  1. Create a notebook.

  2. In the notebook you created, add a block of the DataFrame SQL type.

  1. Select Databend Cloud as the data source.

You're all set now. Refer to the Deepnote documentation for how to work with the tool.

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