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Geography Functions

Geography Functions in SQL.

GEO_TO_H3(lon, lat, res)Returns the H3 index of the hexagon cell where the given location resides.GEO_TO_H3(37.79506683, 55.71290588, 15)644325524701193974
GEOHASH_DECODE('<geohashed-string>')Converts a Geohash-encoded string into latitude/longitude coordinates.GEOHASH_DECODE('ezs42')(-5.60302734375,42.60498046875)
GEOHASH_ENCODE(lon, lat)Converts a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates into a Geohash-encoded string.GEOHASH_ENCODE(-5.60302734375, 42.593994140625)ezs42d000000
POINT_IN_POLYGON((x,y), [(a,b), (c,d), (e,f) ... ])Calculates whether a given point falls within the polygon formed by joining multiple points.POINT_IN_POLYGON((3., 3.), [(6, 0), (8, 4), (5, 8), (0, 2)])1
  • GEO_TO_H3(lon, lat, res) returning 0 means an error occurred.
  • POINT_IN_POLYGON((x,y), [(a,b), (c,d), (e,f) ... ]) A polygon is a closed shape connected by coordinate pairs in the order they appear. Changing the order of coordinate pairs can result in a different shape.
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