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This topic describes how to view and control your usage within Databend Cloud.

Viewing Your Usage

If you are an admin user, you can access your organization's usage statistics by clicking Manage > Usage.

The Usage page displays the consumption of users within your organization, including:

  • Today's and the past month's consumption, categorized by compute and storage usage.
  • Consumption trends.

Clicking on View more will provide more detailed statistical data:

  • On the left, filters can be applied based on time range, category, and records.
  • On the right, consumption data, trends, and details will be displayed.

Controlling Your Usage

For admin users, Databend Cloud offers the option to set a spending limit for their organization. This allows administrators to control the maximum amount of money spent on the platform. To do this, go to the homepage and click on Activate Spending Limit. On the next page, you can turn on the Enable Spending Limit button and specify the maximum monthly spending allowed for your organization.


The spending limit you set will apply to each calendar month. For instance, if you set a limit on August 10th, it will be in effect for the entire month of August, from the 1st to the 31st.

When you set up a spending limit, you need to decide what action Databend Cloud should take when the limit is reached. Currently, there are two options:

  • Suspend Service: Your warehouses will not function until the current month ends or you set a higher limit.

  • Send Notifications Only: The administrators of your organization will receive email notifications as spending limits are approached. Your warehouses can continue to function properly.

For the "Send Notifications Only" option, Databend Cloud will send email notifications to administrators based on the following frequency cycle:

Spending RangeNotification Frequency
80% - 90%Every three days
90% - 100%Every three days
100% or aboveEvery three days
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