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Data Recovery in Databend Cloud

This topic explains how to restore changed or deleted data using Databend Cloud.

Time Travel: Easy Access to Past Data

With Databend Time Travel, you can revisit and retrieve data from the past, even if it's been altered or removed. It's perfect for:

  • Getting Back Deleted Data: Helps you get back important things like tables, databases that were deleted, whether by accident or on purpose.

  • Copying and Saving Past Data: Lets you copy and save important data from earlier times.

  • Looking at Past Data Use: Makes it easier to see how data was used or changed at certain times.

Main Uses of Time Travel

  • Access Past Data: Look at data from the past, even if it has been changed or deleted.
  • Recover Lost Data: Bring back tables and databases that were deleted.

Time Travel SQL Extensions

  • SQL Extensions for Time Travel: Use special SQL clauses like AT in SELECT statements and CREATE commands to specify the exact point in history you want to access.
  • Revive Deleted Data: Use the UNDROP command for tables, databases.

Setting the Data Retention Period

  • Standard Edition: Choose between no retention (0 days) or the default of 1 day.
  • Enterprise Edition and Higher:
    • For temporary data: Set to 0 or the default of 1 day.
    • For permanent data: Choose any period from 0 to 90 days.

Setting a retention period of 0 days means Time Travel won't be available for that data.

Adjusting Data Retention Time

Change the data keeping time with the DATA_RETENTION_TIME_IN_DAYS setting, which is usually 1 day. This decides how long to keep old data.

Fail-safe: Extra Protection for Your Data

Fail-safe in Databend Cloud is an additional safety feature, different from Time Travel. It's designed to protect your data in case of system issues or security incidents.

How Fail-safe Works

Fail-safe offers a fixed 7-day recovery window after the Time Travel period ends.

Fail-safe includes:

  • MetaData Recovery: Uses versioning in the meta-service to recover deleted tables.
  • Data Recovery: Uses AWS S3's versioning to save data that's been changed or deleted.
  • Fail-safe is an emergency service, not user-configurable, provided by Databend Cloud.
  • It should be used only after other recovery methods don’t work.
  • Not intended for regular historical data access beyond the Time Travel period.
  • For restoring data after big problems, and you can't set it up yourself.
  • Recovery times can vary from a few hours to several days, depending on the situation.
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