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Data Protection in Databend Cloud

Databend Cloud's Continuous Data Protection (CDP) offers easy-to-use features to keep your data safe from mistakes, harmful actions, and software problems. It makes sure your data can always be gotten back, even if it's changed, lost, or damaged by accident or on purpose.

CDP Features in Databend Cloud

  • Network Policies

    • Set who can access Databend Cloud based on their internet address. Helps keep your data safe.
  • Access Control

    • Decide who can see or use different parts of Databend Cloud. Keeps things organized and secure.
  • Time Travel & Fail-safe

    • Get back old or lost data.
    • Time Travel lets you look at and bring back past data.
    • Fail-safe is for big emergencies, used by Databend Cloud to recover data when there's a serious problem.
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