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Activate Databend Cloud

In order to create an account on Databend Cloud, your organization must first have beta access to the platform. This topic outlines the steps for applying for beta access as an organization, as well as signing up and logging in to your Databend Cloud account.

Apply for Beta Access

To apply for beta access to Databend Cloud, please visit and submit the application form. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email containing a registration link. Please check your inbox and use the link in the email to complete the account registration process.

You can also subscribe Databend Cloud from the AWS Marketplace. For instructions on how to do so, please watch the video tutorial below:

Account Registration and Login

When you're invited to Databend Cloud, you receive an invitation email. Click the link in the email to start the signup process.

Create a Databend Cloud Account


Set up your account.
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Organization name: If the organization name textbox is empty, enter your organization name. By doing so, you're signing up for your organization with your account as an Admin account. If you're invited by a user who already belongs to an organization in Databand Cloud, the textbox will show that organization's name and you cannot edit it.



Select a cloud provider and a region.
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Please note that this step is visible only to users who sign up for their organization. After you complete the setup, click Create to enter Databend Cloud.


Cloud provider: Databend Cloud currently runs on AWS, and will support Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in a future release. Databend Cloud works almost the same from the front end on any of the clouds. If you already have been using one of the clouds, select that one.

Region: The region decides where your Databend Cloud will be hosted. Select the region based on your locality and business needs. For example, if you have a requirement to have your Databend Cloud hosted in Asia, select a region of Asia. Please note that the available regions vary depending on the cloud provider you select.


Sign in to your Databend Cloud Account

If you already have a Databend Cloud account, you can go to and click Sign In in the top right corner of the page to sign in to your account.


Bookmark You can add this link to your browser as a bookmark. Clicking the bookmark will take you to your Databend Cloud immediately without the need to sign in to your account.

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