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Welcome to Databend Docs! Dive in with these tabs ↗️:

  • Databend: Discover core features, data import/export, third-party tool integration, and programming interfaces for ALL Databend editions. Additionally, find information on deploying Databend on-premises.

  • Databend Cloud: Learn about account registration, operational guidance, and organization management specific to Databend Cloud.

  • SQL Reference: Explore a comprehensive reference covering Databend general essentials, along with a variety of available SQL functions and commands.

  • Releases: Stay informed with release notes for Databend Cloud and updates on nightly builds.

This welcome page guides you through the features, architecture, and other important details about Databend.

Why Databend?

  • Blazing-fast data analytics on object storage.
  • Leverages data-level parallelism and instruction-level parallelism technologies for optimal performance.
  • No indexes to build, no manual tuning, and no need to figure out partitions or shard data.

Databend Architecture

Databend's high-level architecture is composed of a meta-service layer, a query layer, and a storage layer.

Databend Architecture

Databend efficiently supports multiple tenants through its meta-service layer, which plays a crucial role in the system:

  • Metadata Management: Handles metadata for databases, tables, clusters, transactions, and more.
  • Security: Manages user authentication and authorization for a secure environment.

Discover more about the meta-service layer in the meta on GitHub.


The Databend community is open to data professionals, students, and anyone who has a passion for cloud data warehouses. Feel free to click on the links below to be a part of the excitement:


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